A lot of growth with a little marketing and AI

Hi, I'm Lari! 👋 I can help your business grow with the experience of a CMO and the scalability of generative AI.

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I've worked with some of the best brands in the world. Yay!

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I now help tech businesses grow faster with generative AI tools and techniques

While most marketers are still testing out generative AI tools, I've put them to good use. In my most recent marketing leadership role we piloted an AI-driven content marketing framework resulting in a 22x increase in website visits and 10x increase in meetings with sales over just 12 months.

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Three ways I can help your business grow

Marketing AI leadership

As a 2xCMO I know what it takes to scale revenues past $20M ARR. I help entrepreneurs and marketing teams define the right places and ways to use generative AI to grow faster.

Content and SEO

I specialize in making emerging businesses the authority in their field. I do this by identifying what ideal customers look for in search engines and developing high quality answers to their questions using customer insights and AI.

Better quality leads

Many tech businesses struggle with low quality leads and ineffective advertising. I align marketing investments with revenue growth resulting in better quality leads and more predictable marketing investments.

Small marketing teams get big marketing results with Generative AI

The advantages of generative AI in marketing are clear to see. According to the  AI in Marketing 2024 CMO Survey:

  • Over 90% of marketing leaders expect AI to increase speed of execution,
  • 89% of marketing teams already use generative AI for creative inspiration,
  • Over 85% of marketing leaders expect generative AI to remove manual work.

Still, over half of CMOs are not sure how to invest in generative AI in 2024 and most marketing teams haven't progressed past testing out ChatGPT. Why is that?

Most marketing teams simply have too much to do to get caught up with AI hype. 

To get the best results from generative AI you need to combine both marketing experience and artificial intelligence to solve very concrete business challenges.

One example: I developed  a new method to 22x website visitors to a B2B SaaS business in a year using generative AI in SEO.

The end result: a 10x increase in qualified meetings with sales (MQLs) per month.

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Hi, I'm Lari! 👋

I've helped all kinds of businesses grow from pre-revenue startups to scale-ups and large enterprise businesses.

As a marketing leader I've grown SaaS revenues beyond $20M. As a search engine marketer, I've worked at Google as well as with some of the best brands in the world. I know the right strategies and tactics needed to turn awareness and demand into revenue growth.

As a consultant my goal is to solve your business growth challenges of fast growing B2B and SaaS companies leveraging generative AI tools and methods.

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AI doesn't give you better marketers, but it makes your marketers better.

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You don't need AI

As the CMO of Sievo I built up a marketing team that helped us grow organically from $8M to $20M without external funding (and certainly without AI!)

The cornerstone of our growth marketing engine at Sievo was sustainable and organic growth focused on building authority in areas like search engine optimization and branded content marketing.

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... but AI can make you faster.


Not sure where to start?

Check out my AI in marketing workshops and packages

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"Compact workshop that summarized why GenAI is an important element of the  demand generation strategy. The workshop focused on who we can generate content that help our target group to find answers to their questions in the topics that are also important to us.  Very practical best practices on tools that really lowered our barrier to start using these tools in our marketing.   Lari is very knowledgeable on this topic and highly recommend his expertise!"

- Tanja Säde, Head of Global Marketing, Visual Components

"Lari's workshop titled "10x Organic Awareness with Generative AI-Driven SEO" was an outstanding success at the Platform6 Campfire session. It skillfully catered to the immediate needs of startup founders, attracting the largest gathering of entrepreneurs both on-site and online in Tampere. The workshop's exceptional structure was both clear and straightforward, yet it was grounded in the proven experiences of Lari and his team in their own startup ventures. A wealth of knowledge was imparted, encompassing best practices, illustrative examples, effective processes, tools, and insights. It delved into what strategies were most effective, the time investment required, nuances of different markets, and various expert tips and techniques for navigating Google algorithms and diverse marketing tools. Lari's expertise makes him an invaluable asset, and I wholeheartedly recommend him as a keynote speaker for a range of workshops, training sessions, and similar events."

- Margarita Khartanovich, Chief Marketing Officer, Platform 6

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